Tuesday, February 2, 2010

10 things

I was tagged by Tricia of Luminosity to reveal 10 little known facts about me. Here goes!

1. I grew up in the country side of New Hampshire. I know how to make maple syrup, identify wild animal tracks in the snow, ride my bike up a mountain, find wintergreen leaves in the forest, and build a woodpile. Now I live in the city, go figure.

2. I like cold weather sports. I was the captain of the nordic ski team in high school.

3. I come from a family of artists and craftspeople. Woodworkers, painters, weavers, bookbinders, musicians, pattern makers, timber framers are all part of my family history. Most of my family came to America from the British Isles, except for my mother's grandfather who came from Romania.

4. If I could eat Asian food everyday I would. My favorite is to go down to Chinatown for dim sum. Close second is the Japanese soup place near my house.

5. For ten years I worked in a college library. I can catalog books, manuscripts, and autograph letters according to the Dewey Decimal System.

6. Sometimes I like to listen to AC/DC, but mostly I don't.

7. I have visited the island in Indonesia where the Komodo dragons live. I was terrified I might actually see one. I did see one, and was terrified.

8. I never wear the color red. It just doesn't suit me.

9. High heeled shoes, never. High heeled boots, often.

10. I wish I spoke French.


vintage simple said...

Oh, Jill..! Such a fantastic list, my dear! And you saw a Komodo dragon!! (Noah will be completely jealous to find out!)

Bill loves that you listen to AC/DC sometimes - he believes a little bit of AC/DC is good for you. I'll identify with the 'mostly don't' part of you. ;)

Thank you for sharing with us... It was a fun and sweet read..! I really enjoyed it.


chelsea said...

You are too cool, Jill!!:) Love your list.

sunny said...

What a great list. Loved the family background...and the AC/DC one!

andrea tachezy said...

It´s nice to read such an interesting things about you, dear Jill!

Esti said...

it's always great to know a little more about you Jill!
(did you play curling?)

littlebyrd said...

I didn't know a single one of these things about you! How fun! I love the first one....I think that is just fantatsic that you can do all those things. Sometimes I will flip the car radio to a classic rock station and am always happy if there happens to be an AC/DC song on :) I saw them in concert in high school, you know!
Great list Jill!!!!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Identifying wild animal tracks in the snow is very impressive! I've been known to listen to a little AC/DC every now and again...

Tricia said...

How nice to see your picture! Thanks for "playing along". Your list is lovely. Hope we get a big dump of snow so you can put on your X-country skis and get out there!

angela said...

What a nice way of describing yourself. I feel as i know you better now!

Jill said...

thanks you all for reading this random list! it was fun to put together, although scary to reveal some of these silly things about myself.
i'm glad there are some fellow ac/dc fans out there, although i promise you they play a very small part in my musical repetoire :)

rebekah, ac/dc totally reminds me of high school in a good way. i never got to see them live, that must have been fun!

esti, i've never done curling! i will have to google it though to remind myself what it is.

tricia, we've been skiing at the weston ski track where they make snow. it's fun! would be nice to ski on some fresh stuff though.

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh, I love to learn more about you and see your picture (you're soo pretty!) I love that you come from a family of artists!

Sharon said...

What a sweet post this is. It was fun reading the things you shared with us.

Jill said...

thanks, jane! and thanks, sharon!
you ladies are so sweet :)