Thursday, February 4, 2010

just a dusting

Just a dusting of snow fell yesterday. Last week grey skies threatened to undo me. But yesterday, the snowy grey day didn't bother me at all. It must be because it's finally February.
Sometimes I think about painting the outside of my house all white, even the trim.


littlebyrd said...

I love all white. There was house in our neighborhood that was all white for years and it had climbing roses and a HUGE oak tree, it was one of my favorites. Then they went and painted it, kind of a drab olive greenish brown color and it just ruined the whole feeling of the place. Your snow is pretty :)

Jill said...

such a bummer when they paint a house the wrong color! just thinking of a white house with climbing roses makes me smile though!
there are hardly any all white houses in cambridge and the one in the photo is my secret favorite that i walk by every day. they have a gorgeous garden in the spring and summer too.

vintage simple said...

Would you believe me that I've been thinking about that, too? Not if we stayed in our house - but maybe a different house.... The one in the picture looks like the perfect candidate, simple farm-style house, with the narrower plank siding... See? How can you *possibly* show me a picture like this and tell me that white paint is not the way to go, hmmmm? ;)


Jill said...

maria, i was trying to picture the outside of my own house all in white too, and sadly it would probably not work's a shingled (oh how i wish it was clapboard)and kind of a blocky victorian. but i do love the colors in your house! you've made great color choices :)

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Such lovely images, so serene and peaceful.