Monday, April 19, 2010

i heart monday

I'm guest blogging over on Bliss today doing the I heart Monday post. EEEKKK! I've always loved reading Traci's Monday lists, so it was really fun to put one together of my own, relying heavily on my favorite vintage Etsy and Japanese shops.
These photos have nothing to do with I heart Monday. Just gratuitous spring blossom shots!


littlebyrd said...

I was super excited to go see your I heart list and it is fabulous! And your are the dearest one out there to include me in it. Thank you so much :) It was such a great surprise on a sort of dreay Monday.
I also wanted to say regarding your cooment you left for me that I enjoy vintage children's book too! You are right, the illustrations are just superb and happy making. And I laughed about the scraps of fabric you can't bare to part with because just yesterday I was staring at jars of mine own and wondering if I was just crazy for hanging onto them.

Jane Flanagan said...

Happy Monday! Hoping over to read your Bliss post now!

pve design said...

Wonderful. I love knowing that others heart Monday too.

Su said...

lovely lovely!

Jill said...

thanks for looking at bliss, jane, pve, and su!

rebekah, i'm trying to think of a way we could do some joint project with our sewing collections :) and of course you are welcome for the links, you know i loooove your shop!

Liz said...

Ah! It was you! I was wondering what may have prompted a few extra orders! Thank you! I just left a rambly comment over there - I should have put it here, but anyway. Impeccable taste, you! Wonderful links and treats! I found Erica Shires photography site through the Tanov link (i need a haircut now!) and am excited about that. She has a cute little train video in her blog that swept me away. You should see it.

Vintage Simple said...

I left you an (excitable) note over there..! you outdid yourself, dear. Gorgeous picks. But then again, I would expect nothing else form you. Beautiful, dear. Truly.

And your banners? I love them. Yes, I love them, too. Have you added those to your shop? Hmmmmm?


Mrs.French said...

and it was the most absolute perfect post ever...thank you so much dearest jill...xo t