Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's been so gray and dreary here for the last five days, maybe six days. I can't remember anymore! Good days for soups and salads. Last week sweet potato and squash soup, this week garbanzo bean. There are few leaves left on the trees, but amazingly, some roses are still blooming. There's a story that goes with this rose bush. Every day a neighbor walks by with his little daughter and he lifts her up to smell the roses. Sometimes I spy them out the window. So cute! I am so glad they enjoy them.


ashley maureen said...

there's nothing like a bowl of hearty soup on a cold & dreary day.

angela said...

Dear Jill, this is my soup time too. I want to eat them everyday and never get tired. Any good recipe you have to share? On your blog I saw once a soup with tomatoes? or even the soup I see today?

love the rose story.

Jill said...

hi ashley, yes isn't soup the best :)

hi angela, i will get you the recipe for the sweet potato soup, i just made it up on the fly, hope i will remember all the proportions. it was yummy!