Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've been in my studio the last three days. Lots of cutting and sewing and pretty scraps left over.
I ordered a 2011 calendar from Flora Douville. My package came with these lovely little cards.
Thank you Flora, I love the calendar and the cards!


Jane Flanagan said...

I got this calendar too. And the cards it came with are on my fridge. Too pretty!

Kim said...

So many pretty posts! You spoil us!

Flora said...

Thank you Jill! I'm happy you like it :) Have a lovely new week!

Jill said...

jane, we really have the same taste!!

hi kim! so into posting these days, getting a bit obsessive about doing it every day. glad you like the posts!

hi flora, i really do love them, can't wait to hang the calendar in january!