Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More inspiring apartment details from Brooklyn. The sky was so blue that day, it felt like Greece. Except for the freezing cold temperatures. We spent a lot of time at the Met (two whole afternoons), went ice skating in Central Park (so pretty, with the snow in the trees), walked through Times Square, ate lots of excellent Asian food: dim sum, Thai, Vietnamese. I had an excellent avocado milkshake and lots of good tea. I took no pictures outside of the apartment....I get overwhelmed trying to take photos on the streets of Manhattan!


Jane Flanagan said...

It's nice sometimes to put down the camera and just look! I always feel like I can easily become too obsessed with documenting rather than looking. As always, I love the pictures you did take, especially the paint layers!

Jill said...

thanks, jane! yes, it's nice to be in the moment and enjoying rather than documenting. although i sometimes later regret not documenting enough! i loved the paint layers too for their beautiful colors and for the little bit of history they give, a sliver of the past.