Monday, June 20, 2011

We went strawberry picking for father's day. Now we have enough berries to make some jam and some strawberry shortcake. If this isn't a sure sign of summer, I don't know what is!

And speaking of summer, Poppytalk's summer themed market "Here Comes the Sun" opens today! I have a table there, and I took a quick browse and spotted some really fun summer stuff I'd like to point out to you all.

Great summer pint glasses from Vital Industries
Gorgeous ocean themed soft sculpture from Fog + Swell
Fun summery stationery from Pink Bathtub
Camp journal from Lazaflair (I just ordered one for my daughter!)
Beautiful bracelets from Be Charmed Designs (My birthday is coming up!)
Clever soft sculpture from Timo Handmade
Pretty artwork from Sarah Ahearn who I also know from the Squam Art Fair (Hi Sarah!)

Do have a look, there are so many great vendors there besides the ones listed here too!


angela said...

The kids went strawberry picking too yesterday at a farm in North Andover, while I was at the printing fair. They had a lot of fun. and your short cake sound delicious...

Jill said...

hi angela, what a great day it was to be outside! hope the printing fair went well!