Friday, July 8, 2011

It's been a hot week here in the city. My kids are away at camp and visiting grandparents and it's quiet here. I've been working away in my studio for long uninterrupted periods of time.
Lots of purple in the garden in July: hydrangeas and clematis.
Today: rain, making granola (changing up my old recipe a bit), sewing, reading...maybe a rainy walk.
Have a great summer weekend!


Anonymous said...

A beautiful post Jill-enjoy your rainy day!

Jane Flanagan said...

Beautiful. I love the table shot. Happy weekend, Jill!

sonia a. mascaro said...

So beautiful photos!
Love the photo Home2.
Sounds you had a nice time.

sew nancy said...
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sew nancy said...

I Luke your tablecloth and quilt. Is the cloth mocador? I read about a Spanish cloth and it looks similar. I removed my last comment because of typos

Jill said...

thanks for your nice comments, christine, jane, sonia, and nancy!
so nice that you are still reading even though i have been neglecting my blog awfully!

nancy, the tablecloth is one i found used, it has no tag or label, so i don't know where it comes from! i wonder if it is from spain?

Green Girl said...

Great photos, i love the flower's color. Keep posting :-)

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