Friday, January 20, 2012

From a beautiful sunset the other evening. It's been cold and crisp this week, the kind of weather I love in the winter. January has been a month for catching up on, friends, things around the house that never got done in November and December. We've gone ice skating and cross country skiing. I'm finally knitting the sleeves on this sweater I abandoned in the Christmas rush. I've been making soup and stews and all sorts of wintery food, trying out new recipes. This recipe with spinach, leeks, and eggs is my favorite so far.
Stay warm!

3 fun links if you have time this weekend.


Kim said...

Nearness of Distance is AWESOME! Thanks for the link: I never saw that one before. The others I couldn't pull up on my ancient computer. Good luck with the sleeves. It's not your imagination that sleeves take forever. They do. But then you can start wearing it! Yahoo!

Jill said...

hi kim, i just finished those sleeves! now just got to sew in all the loose ends. thanks again for your email with tips for the sleeves, it helped a lot. i can't wait to finally wear this thing!