Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Working on finishing up some projects this week.

1. Sweater is done. I'm wearing it today and it turned out just like the photo from the original pattern, so I'm happy. It's not perfect, there are plenty of little mistakes, but I still love it. I learned a lot from this project.

2. Pillows for a friend.

3. Kantha pillows for Pod. Nice springy colors.

I just got a shipment of pillow forms in, so I'm going to be working on some new spring pillows for my shop for next week.


torunn said...

Hello from les taches de rousseur! Just to let you know, you are today's post at

Love your stuff.

Jill said...

thank you, torunn :) i left you a comment over there on your blog. you made my afternoon!