Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hi! Kind of obsessing about the colors yellow, pink, coral. Sort of washed out forms of these colors.

My calendar arrived from Flora Douville. It's so cheerful!

Tulips...I've been buying a different color every week at the grocery store. I think I do this every January. Kind of boring and predictable, but I'm not much of a flower arranger.

Little watercolor of San Francisco painted by a very sweet and talented artist who has a table set up across the street from the Ferry Building. He paints all day at his table, all different scenes of the Bay Area. I should have bought, like 20 more. If you are in SF check him out!

Plant I almost killed this summer, but seems to be happy now that I've been remembering to water it.

Kilim pillow from Turkey. Again with the yellow, pink and coral colors here. I think I'm going to repaint my front door a coral color this spring.

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