Friday, April 3, 2009

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I've been working on lavender pillows this week. I'm crazy about this vintage Souleiado print! If I have time today, I'm making myself a new spring tote bag out of it.

I'm happy to announce that a selection of my bags and pillows will now be available over at Michelle Willey in the South End. Michelle's shop is filled with beautiful things for the home. If you're in the Boston area, it's really worth a visit. There are other lovely shops nearby and it's right around the corner from the South End Buttery, which is a great place to stop for a quick lunch.

This weekend, there's a trunk show over at Pod in Brookline. Angela Liguori and Susy Pilgrim Waters will be there along with a few others selling their beautiful wares. I'm definately going to check it out! It's this Saturday from 12-5 pm.
I also wanted to thank Traci, Michelle, and Karina for mentioning my things on their blogs over the past week or two. You ladies are the best!


"Blog Artists" said...

Oh they're the design, I would make window coverings for my bedroom with it...gorgeous.
I have a giveaway until April 6th...make sure you enter...I think you'll like it!

Jill said...

thank you Char! i just entered your giveaway are very generous :)

Kim said...

Oh, I wish I could magically transport myself to Brookline for an hour or two! The trunk show sounds wonderful.

Jill said...

i wish you could too, kim! then we could go for lunch afterwards :)